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When it all began...

Since starting in early 2018, our mission has been to redefine the hosting industry by providing high performance hosting services with great customer support that cares about solving your problems and not money – All at an affordable price making it accessible to anyone, whether you’re a large or small business or even an individual.

Customer Support

You’re no good with a host that doesn’t provide you with quality support; we believe that being able to obtain quality customer support is a right for every customer! We ensure your problem is solved in a single ticket so you don’t have to keep coming back with the same unsolved issue.

From the second your product is activated, your problems are our problems and we will ensure you get the best quality of customer support we can provide!

Our Creed

We stand by our creed to bring you the best hosting possible

Contact Free

You're free to come and leave as you wish, we don't lock you down contracts so you can cancel your hosting without penalties or quibbles.

Quality Support

You're no good with a host that doesn't provide quality support and takes hours or even days to respond to you, we ensure your problem is solved within an hour of you sending us a ticket.

We Solve Problems

We constantly reinvest our profits into the latest cutting-edge technology, to help your website have that performance it craves.

We Help The Earth

We utilise green technology, 100% renewable energy at all of our sites and we are always searching for new ways to reduce our
impact and help our world

Honesty Is Key

We look out for our clients and won't sell a plan that doesn't suit your needs or budget. If we make a mistake, we'll admit it and make things
right again.

You Get What You Pay For

We spend whatever is needed for the best reliability and performance. We operate
and own our own hardware and never
cut corners.

Meet The Team

Meet the talented individuals looking after your online services.

Suleman Syed

Chief Executive Officer

Shay Punter

Cheap Operations Officer

Jed Fowler

Chief Technology Officer

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