• Tuesday, February 26, 2019

From February 26th 2019  we're going to be making significant changes to all our hosting services at BitDash.  These changes are to Improve the services we deliver In order to make BitDash the best hosting company possible. 


Here's what Changing

First of all, we are getting rid of our Corporate plan and replacing it with our Premium plan to make the prices as similar as possible, we have also set the Maximum number of FTP Accounts, Email Accounts, Email Lists, MySQL Databases, Sub Domains, Parked Domains and Addon Domains to Unlimited In order to make the package worth its price. 

We have also gotten rid of the Unlimited Disk Space on our Enterprise Plan and now have a maximum of 10GB Disk Space, this can now be Increased if needed by purchasing add-ons for your hosting plan. 

The Starter Plan has now 2GB Disk Space but has Unlimited of everything else can you can now host as many websites as you wish as long as you're not exceeding the disk space given. 


Here's Breakdown of our New Plans

Starter Premium Enterprise
GB SSD Storage 5 GB SSD Storage 10 GB SSD Storage
100 GB Bandwidth 200 GB Bandwidth 500 GB Bandwidth
Unlimited FTP Accounts Unlimited FTP Accounts Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Email Lists Unlimited Email Lists Unlimited Email Lists
Unlimited Addon Domains Unlimited Addon Domains Unlimited Addon Domains
Unlimited Databases Unlimited Databases Unlimited Databases
Unlimited Subdomains Unlimited Subdomains Unlimited Subdomains
Host Unlimited Websites Host Unlimited Websites  Host Unlimited Websites









£112.80/year + Free .uk or .co.uk domain


Here's a List of All Add-ons Available With Our New Plans

  • Unlimited Bandwidth for £3.50/month
  • GB of Extra Storage Space for £3.50/month (Up to 25GB Extra Storage Allowed On Each Plan)


So Why This Change?

In an effort to provide even more reliable hosting. BitDash has acquired new servers that enable our hosting service to be more reliable, to justify our operating costs we had to remove the unlimited storage option to stop our customers from uploading unrelated website files that take up terabytes of Storage Space so we can focus  our funds on obtaining even more reliable hardware and new software to enhance yours and your customers experience with us.  This change will also Improve our Backups, with fewer disk space used on our servers, we'll be able to make more frequent and much more reliable backups.


Will We Bring Back Our Unlimited Diskspace Plan And Lower Prices Again?

Of course! In the future, we plan to bring back unlimited storage space to our plans, but for now, we have migrated over to new hardware the operating costs would be simply too high to enable us to provide the great experience we all know and love at BitDash. 


Next Step...

If you are happy with the new plans and pricings, then you don't need to worry about anything else. We'll convert your plans and update your billing on your next renewal or after 1st of May 2019.

We don't want to lose any clients as a result of these significant changes taking place at BitDash. So we have provided a 2 month notice before our existing customers are affected by this change and we will work with all our clients over the next two months to help you choose the best suitable plan. If you have any further questions regarding the changes, then please do make sure you get in touch with our Customer Support team to have any questions you may have answered for you. We hope you will continue to stick with us and follow our road for an exciting journey we are heading on to provide the best cutting edge web hosting to you.

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